Appendix : Anarchism and Marxism

This appendix exists to refute some of the many anti-anarchist diatribes produced by Marxists. While we have covered why anarchists oppose Marxism in section H, we thought it would be useful to reply to Marxist webpages and books whose content is not explicitly covered in that section. In this way we hope to indicate that Marxism is a flawed theory, flawed even to the extent of not being able to present a honest critique of anarchism. This consistent attempt to smear anarchism and distort its history and ideas is no co-incidence -- rather it is required in order to present Marxism as the only viable form of socialism and, more importantly, to hide the fact that much of the populist Marxist rhetoric was, in fact, said by anarchists first and latter stolen by Marxists to hide the authoritarian basis of their politics.

One last point. We are aware that we repeat many of our arguments in these appendices. That, unfortunately, is avoidable for two reasons. Firstly, Marxists usually repeat the same false assertions against anarchism and so we have to answer them each time they appear. Marxists seem to subscribe to the point of view that repeating an error often enough makes it true. Secondly, we have tried to make each appendix as self-contained as possible and that meant repeating certain material and arguments to achieve this. We hope the reader understands.

    1. Why should "the so-called Anarchistic youth of today" be concerned that Trotskyists consider them allies?
    2. What else do people learn about when they discover anarchism is more than "utter rebellion"?
    3. What do anarchists think will "replace the smashed state machine"?
    4. What did Trotsky and Lenin think must replace the bourgeois state?
    5. Is the "proletarian 'state'" really a new kind of state?
    6. Do anarchists "hope the capitalists do not make any attempts of counterrevolution"?
    7. Are Anarchists simply "potential Marxists"?
    8. Is Marxism a scientific?
    9. What does the Russian Revolution tell us about Trotskyism?
    10. Do anarchists reject "leadership"?
    11. Does the Spanish Revolution show anarchism is flawed?
    12. Does anarchism believe in spontaneous revolution?